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nutritional tooth and gum gel special offer

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PerioPOWER Special

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Quick Overview

PerioPOWER Special, Nutritional tooth and gum gel and natural toothpaste alternative.
Special offer with two bottle of PerioPOWER Tooth and Gum Gel and one Ultrasoft toothbrush.

Product Description

PerioPOWER is a potent combination of powerful natural antimicrobials, key promoters of healing and essential nutrition for gums.
It is the perfect nature-based toothpaste alternative.

It is all packaged into a unique gel that is toothpaste and soothing gum gel all in one. PerioPOWER includes 9 natural ingredients that ideally complement each other in providing superior oral care:

1. Aloe Vera Gel
The core component of our PerioPOWER gel is certified organic Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera is known to promote healing at the cellular level. In addition, Aloe Vera:
-Is a powerful antiseptic that kills bacteria, fungus and virus
-reduces swelling and bleeding of soft tissue
-is especially known for its penetrating abilities into tight spaces like perio pockets
-Promotes cell growth and regeneration.
Aloe Vera constitutes the gel base of our new PerioPOWER gel.

2. and 3. Essential Oils of Peppermint and Spearmint
Plaque is the enemy, and PerioPOWER contain some powerful weapons to win the daily battle against plaque. The essential oils of Peppermint and Spearmint have strong antibacterial activity and have been shown to:
-penetrate plaque to fight bacteria
-create a protective film on all surfaces of the mouth that resists plaque formation
-penetrate and calm sore and puffy gums

4. CoEnzyme Q10
The positive effect of CoEnzyme Q10 in reversing gum disease and reconditioning gums is well documented. Our PerioPOWER gel contains a special absorption-enhanced version of CoQ10 that goes to work immediately to recondition damaged gum tissue.

5.Folic Acid (B-Vitamin)
One of the basic vitamins that the body needs for DNA synthesis is folic acid. Folic acid is critical for new cell production and cell division. Folic acid deficiency is especially predominant in pregnancy and may predispose for periodontal infections.

6. Vitamin C
As an essential vitamin for well being and the immune system, Vitamin C is important to maintain healthy gums. Vitamin C has antihistamine properties and reduces swelling and inflammation. It is also a cofactor in collagen synthesis, the underlying structure of soft tissue in the body.

7. Vitamin E
Known as the “wound healing vitamin”, Vitamin E is also important to improve circulation to the tiny capillaries in the gums.

8. Chlorophyll
The green “power fuel” of plants has many benefits for humans , as recent studies have shown. Chlorophyll:
-is a detoxifying agent
-offers protection against molds
-is one of the strongest natural bad breath eliminators.
It is responsible for the green color of our PerioPOWER gel.

9. Xylitol
Apart from being a natural sweetener of plant origin and a safe alternative to potentially dangerous chemical sweetening agents, Xylitol provides the strongest protection available today against tooth caries. Xylitol eliminates bacteria responsible for caries and has even been shown to protect against enamel erosion and reverse caries after long term use!

PerioPOWER is powerful tooth and gum protection, right from the start, and it is safe and effective, naturally.

-Gentle and effective cleansing and rinsing agent
-Nutritional support for gums
-Gentle brushing agent for teeth
-Fight and reverse enamel erosion and caries with Xylitol
-control bacterial activity in the mouth, naturally!
-reduce or eliminate bad breath problems
-soothing and comforting for fragile and damaged gums

The PerioPOWER Special Kit contains 2 bottles of PerioPOWER tooth&Gum gel (2 Oz. ea) plus 1 Ultrasoft Toothbrush.

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