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SDC Ortho Sonic Brush

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SDC Ortho Sonic Brush

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Quick Overview

SDC Ortho Sonic Brush
Specially designed for people with orthodontic braces. This vibrating brush with retractable bristles ensure perfect cleaning of the nooks and crannies of orthodontic braces.
The SDC Ortho Sonic Brush comes with the vibrating brush handle, two spring action brush heads, a bathroom stand and a travel pouch.

Product Description

The Ultimate Cleaning Tool for People with Orthodontic Braces.

Problem: Braces make it harder to avoid tooth decay.

If you have braces, you know how tough it can be to clean your teeth properly after every meal. Brushing with regular manual toothbrushes can be painfully slow, and often, the nooks and crannies of braces are not totally clean. Some spinning electric toothbrushes just seem to brush around the braces, but never really get into the spaces between braces and teeth to totally remove food rests. The inevitable result is tooth decay.


Finally, you can brush inside braces, not just around the outside.

The DHI Sensitive Ortho Sonic brush was designed with orthodontic braces in mind. This unique brush has bristles that are mounted on springs. Bristles that encounter resistance retract, leaving bristles with a longer reach to get in and around braces for a complete and thorough cleaning, effortlessly! The gentle vibrations wiggle bristles into the tiniest of spaces, ensuring complete removal of food rests.

Protect sensitive gums.

The unique hybrid bristle pattern and the bristle retraction during brushing are features that have another beneficial effect: they protect sensitive gums and are responsible for a thorough, yet gentle, brushing experience. 

A brush that goes where you go.

The compact, battery operated DHI Sensitive Ortho Sonic Brush goes where you go and is always ready to use. A hygienic cover keeps the brush clean, even when you are traveling, and the perforated Cleanstream brush head can be thoroughly cleaned after each use just by holding under running water. And when the braces are finally removed, the DHI Sensitive Ortho Sonic Brush will continue to provide a thorough brushing experience, as well as help to floss with the integrated vibrating flosser.

The DHI Sensitive Ortho Brush has:

• Retractable Bristles 
• Vibrating, not rotating action that gently dislodges accumulations in braces
• A compact brush head for more comfortable brushing
• A hybrid bristle pattern that is gentle to gums but cleans teeth and braces vigorously
• Soft rounded bristles to avoid damage to teeth and gums
• The Cleanstream rinsing system for brush heads
• Battery operation for optimal versatility


Make brushing fun again and get the DHI Sensitive Ortho Sonic Brush today!

Your DHI Sensitive Ortho brush kit contains:

1. one vibrating electric brush handle

2. two brush heads with special retractable bristles

3. One bathroom stand

4. One travel pouch

Bonus item: Beautiful zippered cosmetic pouch for your Ortho Sonic Brush and your personal toiletry items, a $14.99 value, free with your purchase.

For a limited time only, get the complete DHI Sensitive Ortho Sonic Brush Kit today for only $44.70 instead of the list price of $69. That means savings of over 40%.


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