Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath or halitosis is more than just a nuisance; bad breath can have a profound effect on your social life and your career. Constantly feeling as if your breath is offensive to others creates a deep rooted insecurity that is difficult to manage. Many people with bad breath have gone through dozens of products in the hope of finding the one one miracle drug that solves their problem.

And they finally concluded that there was no cure for bad breath and resigned to covering up their problem with breath mints and staying away from others.

 Curing bad breath starts with a critical step: identifying the underlying cause of your specific bad breath problem and putting measures in place to eliminate the problem.

The following table show some typical issues that cause bad breath and the solution, or cure.


Reason for Odor

Bad Breath Origin

Bad Breath Cure

Bacteria that create sulfurous gases

Sludge in and on back of tongue harbors bacteria

Regular tongue cleaning and antiseptic mouth rinse

Bacteria that create sulfurous gases

Active Infection in perio pockets with pus formation

Penetrate pockets with antiseptic products and kill bad bacteria

Bacteria that create sulfurous gases

Post nasal drip coats back of throat and tongue with mucus

Sprays for post nasal drip

Bacteria that create sulfurous gases

Tonsil infection, tonsil stones

Antiseptic mouth rinses

Bacteria that create sulfurous gases

Pus formation under ill-fitting crown or bridge

Have dentist repair or replace

Smelly foods

Belching, gas

Meds to eliminate gas formation


The number one origin of bad breath is Volatile Sulphur Compounds or VSD’s. Bacteria in the mouth breakdown certain types of food and in doing so may create these sulfurous gases or VSD’s. Good antiseptic oral care products like DioxiRinse and DioxiBrite, or the Penetrator will neutralize the sulfurous compounds and control the bacteria population. That provides immediate relief from bad breath.

But part of the cure also relates back to the type of food consumed and the condition of the oral cavity. A healthy, well balanced oral cavity will have much less tendency to create smelly substances.

A good oral care regimen focused on curing bad breath would include:

1. Watch what you Eat

Look at the foods that you eat on a regular basis and determine if they contain risk for bad breath. Milk products are typically problematic. And smelly foods like onions and garlic have lots of sulfur built-in, so they have a tendency to be particularly smelly.

2. Rinse Copiously

Simply rinsing the mouth with water after eating is good for the teeth and good for your breath, because it washes out residual food particles and bacteria.

3. Use Antiseptic Mouth Rinses

Our two component antiseptic mouth rinse DioxiRinse instantly neutralizes VSD’s and creates fresh breath. Our DioxiBrite antiseptic toothpaste can help to keep teeth and dental work clean and reduce bacteria count.

4. Check Your Teeth

Have your teeth and dental work checked regularly to ensure that there are no hidden sources of infection


Following these simple tips may help to control or even eliminate bad breath from your life.


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