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PerioKit Special with PerioEXCEL IQ4

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PerioKit Special with PerioEXCEL IQ4

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Quick Overview

PerioKit Special is a complete kit to help fight the effects of gum disease, including.PerioEXCEL IQ4 CoQ10 gum gel, DioxiRinse antimicrobial mouthrinse and DioxiBrite antimicrobial toothpaste, as well as tongue cleaner and ultrasoft toothbrush.

Product Description

4-Week Program to Recondition Gums Ravaged by the Effects of Gum Disease.
Gum disease can have a devastating effect on gums and the structures that support teeth, and are the leading cause of tooth loss. Our Perio Kit was designed to create an optimized environment for gums to recover and heal. The Perio Kit is a complete system that includes DioxiRinse, a potent antimicrobial mouth rinse to fight pathogenic bacteria, DioxiBrite, an antimicrobial toothpaste a soft tooth brush and tongue cleaner and our CoQ10 supplement, the PerioEXCEL IQ4 kit:

1. DioxiRinse 2-Component Mouth Rinse
Bacteria are the main cause of periodontal problems and accompanying symptoms such as persistent bad breath. Most mouth rinses do not efficiently eliminate the root cause of gum disease or halitosis and may even by harmful to fragile gums due to their high alcohol content. DioxiRinse is a unique 2-component antimicrobial mouth rinse without alcohol. Mixing the two components of DioxiRinse creates an effervescent, activated mouth rinse that penetrates and disinfects every nook and cranny of the mouth. The active ingredient of DioxiRinse truly eliminates bad breath by destroying the sulphur compounds that are responsible for bad breath in most cases.
The result: extraordinary penetration capabilities for complete disinfection and fresh breath that lasts the entire day!

2. Sensitive Dental Care Tongue Cleaner
Gum disease usually starts between the teeth and creates pockets between the teeth and the gums. Even with the most comprehensive oral care program to protect and clean out the zones of bacterial contamination, the effects of gum disease may persist and the pockets may be re-infected chronically. The back of the tongue is a haven for a wide range of bacteria, some harmless, some pathogenic (=harmful). Thoroughly cleaning the back of the tongue on a regular basis will remove smelly bacteria and dramatically reduce the influence of pathogenic bacteria.
This is why it is essential to include tongue cleaning as part of a complete daily oral hygiene program.
Our Sensitive Dental Care tongue cleaner is specially designed to ensure rapid and complete cleaning of the tongue with just a few strokes. The special flat design of the cleaning head ensures maximal comfort during use.

3. DioxiBrite Antimicrobial Toothpaste
DioxiBrite is a two-component antimicrobial toothpaste that ideally complements the DioxiRinse mouthrinse. Does not contain questionable or dangerous chemicals such as SLS or harsh abrasives.

4. Sensitive Dental Care Ultrasoft Tooth Brush
Gums that have been ravaged by gum disease tend to be inflamed, thinner, reddish in color and are frequently sensitive to the touch. Our special SDC Ultra soft Tooth Brush helps to clean teeth efficiently, while being extremely gentle to the gums. Developed for use after gum surgery, this brush will provide a maximum of comfort when brushing sensitive gums.

5. PerioEXCEL IQ4 Intensive Care Gum Therapy Kit
Certain disease conditions, but alsdo medications such as statins may be responsible for extremely low levels of Coenzyme Q10, an essential element of cell regeneration and cellular energy production. Our PerioEXCEL IQ4 Kit is a potent preparation of Coenzyme Q10 in an all-natural vegetable glycerin base. This topical gel is absorbed immediately after ingestion; applying to the gums and oral soft tissue with a special applicator swab enhances absorption and the gel goes to work immediately to recondition gums.
Our new PerioEXCEL IQ4 gel is made with a special absorption-enhanced version of Coenzyme Q10; we do not add any flavorings, colorants or preservatives. The absorption properties of our CoQ10 matrix are amazing, with more than 8 times better absorption than basic Coenzyme Q10 products. This ensures rapid and extensive availability of this important nutrient.

The Perio Kit Special includes:

1. DioxiRinse 2-Component mouth rinse with 12 Oz. total volume, dispensing pumps and a mixing cup
2. Sensitive Dental Care Tongue Cleaner
3. DioxiBrite 2-component antimicrobial toothpaste (6.4 Oz.)
4. Sensitive Dental Care Ultra soft Tooth Brush
5. PerioEXCEL IQ4 Kit with 4 bottles of PerioEXCEL gel (4200 mg ea) and special applicator swabs.
6. Guide "Battle Plan for Perfect Oral Care

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